Come l’industria vinicola può catturare l’attenzione della generazione X

Come possiamo entrare in contatto con i consumatori di vino quotidiano, sia che si trovino sul divano di casa, di passaggio in un negozio di alimentari, davanti a un bar o nel loro ristorante preferito? Ancora nessuno sta parlando della Generation X.

Qui di seguito riproponiamo un interessante articolo pubblicato il 22 febbraio su Forbes, a firma Mike DeSimone e Jeff Jenssen

For as long as we can reasonably remember, everyone in the wine industry has been chasing millennials. After comfortably selling wine to the baby boomer generation for years, millennials became the next big target of importers, producers, and PR firms. For several reasons, baby boomers are aging out of wine buying and drinking, and for another set of reasons, millennials are not buying wine in the numbers that producers and marketers were expecting. Which begs the questions: What about Generation X? No one was talking about them at all.

It turns out we were not the only ones sensing the absence of Gen X in the conversation. Silicon Valley Bank’s State of the Wine Industry Report 2019, authored by Rob McMillan, Executive Vice President and founder of SVB’s wine division, refers to Gen X as “largely ignored by the retail press.” The report goes on to state, “…Gen X entered the workforce at a good time economically, and with fewer college graduates competing for careers compared with the generations bracketing them, Gen Xers have had a comparatively easy time building wealth. Today, Gen X is at the peak of their lifetime income and spending. Their presence has been below the radar, but their wine consumption continues to increase, representing 34 percent of an average winery’s sales and growing…They are perfectly positioned to surpass the baby boomers as the dominant cohort in fine wine consumption by around 2022.”…

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